How to Improve Balance for Seniors

group of seniors at an exercise class to improve balance

How to Improve Balance for Seniors

May 18th, 2021

If you’ve ever lost your balance or slipped a bit while walking, you understand the instant panic of possibly injuring yourself. As you get older, it can become more and more difficult to catch ourselves in those moments. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even tells us that one out of every 4 senior adults falls each year. However, there are some strength and balance exercises you can do to help you increase your stability. Below are some of those exercises we recommend to improve balance for seniors.

Senior Exercises for Strength and Balance

  • Single leg stands. Single leg stands are a great balance exercise to start with. Simply hold on to the back of a dining room chair and lift one leg out in front of you while balancing on the other. Hold this position for a moment and then lower your leg back down. Switch sides and repeat the same movements with your other leg. Do as many repetitions as necessary. Then, as you continue to get stronger, you’ll be able to perform this exercise without the assistance of the chair.
  • Chair leg raises. If you’ve just finished the single leg stands, go around to the front of the chair and sit down, taking care to keep your back straight. Place your feet directly under your knees. Slowly stretch one leg out straight in front of you, holding it in place for a moment. Then lower it back down and repeat the action with your other leg. Do 10-20 repetitions with as many sets as you can.
  • Heel-toe walk. Be sure to clear a path for walking before you start this balance exercise for seniors. Walk forward as though you’re on a tightrope — with one foot in front of the other, touching the heel of the front foot to the toes of the back foot. If you can’t get your heels and toes to touch or if you feel as though you’re going to fall, get them as close as possible. Do this for 15-20 steps in one direction, then turn around and do the same in the opposite direction.
  • Chair yoga. There are few exercises better for your balance than yoga as it can help improve both balance and strength through physical exercise as well as clearing your mind. If you aren’t comfortable with regular yoga poses, there are plenty of chair yoga videos you can follow along with online.

Find Even More Senior Exercises to Improve Your Well-Being at Garden Plaza

Your health is of the utmost importance at every stage of your life. That’s why Garden Plaza of Florissant focuses on adding senior exercises for strength and balance to our activity calendar every month. When you’re part of our assisted living community, you have access to different activities and exercise classes like chair dancing and 20-Minute Workout. And because each day is your own, you can choose to participate in the classes or do some strength and balance exercises on your own. And because we offer housekeeping, apartment maintenance and delicious meals served in our restaurant-style dining room, you have more time to focus on wellness and living your life to the fullest.

If you’re ready to learn more about living a vibrant life here at Garden Plaza, contact our team today.

(This article serves for educational purposes only. If you have any questions about the health of you or your loved one, please consult a qualified physician.)