A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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5 Signs it May be Time for Assisted Living

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5 Signs it May be Time for Assisted Living

July 31st, 2019


By Lauren Bozarth 

While transitioning into an assisted living facility may be a sensitive and difficult decision, it can also prove to be the best long-term move for many individuals and their home caretakers.

Senior care often requires a higher level of attention and accommodation that is challenging to receive within one’s home.

If you or a loved one are considering this route of senior care, check out five signs indicating that it may be time for assisted living:


1. Increasing Care NeedsIf one’s daily needs are growing, then they may become too much for an at-home caregiver to manage. It is especially important to evaluate the individual's Activities of Daily Life (ADLs) to determine if assisted living is the next step of action. 

When the normal functions of day-to-day life become challenging, assisted living may be a beneficial environment. These facilities are equipped to assist residents with ADLs, including hygiene, changing, cooking, cleaning and laundry.


2. Mobility Problems: Many homes are not suitable for scooters and need renovations to make mobility easier or even possible. When going up and down the stairs or getting around one’s own home becomes difficult, it may be time to consider a long-term move. 

Assisted living facilities accommodate disabilities and limited mobility, while also providing residents the freedom to do what they can for themselves. They are designed for easy scooter use and make getting around a much simpler process than most homes provide.


3. Home Safety: If a person struggles with getting around the house, or is dealing with other health problems, safety begins to become a concern. If this is the case in your situation, it is imperative to prioritize a living situation that maximizes one’s well-being and protection. It is not worth the risk of a potential accident.

Assisted living facilities ensure 24-hour surveillance and precautions to keep residents safe and
accounted for.


4. Caregiver Stress: When an individual's care needs escalate, they may become too much for an at-home caregiver to handle on his or her own. These demands can be physically demanding and time-consuming, frequently resulting in caregiver fatigue and frustration.

Before caregivers take on more than they can handle, consider allowing assisted living professionals to help take on the responsibility. These facilities and their staff are fully equipped to manage long-term care. They can also help alleviate the stress family members may feel caring for their loved ones at home.


5. Aggression: Unfortunately, aggression frequently appears in people with dementia. If you or your loved one suffers from dementia or is exhibiting aggressive behavior, it may be important to consider assisted living.

Aggression towards at-home caregivers can add stress and even put them in danger. Assisted living professionals are trained and prepared to properly deal with this behavior and potential outbreaks.


It may be time to consider assisted living for you or your loved one if you have noticed any or all of these five signs. Take advantage of the assisted living care and commitment that Garden Plaza of Florissant offers today!



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