A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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5 Signs You're Ready for Independent Living

A group of seniors in independent living play a table game outside.

5 Signs You're Ready for Independent Living

August 17th, 2021

When you retired, you were excited about the freedom and independence it would introduce to your lifestyle. As time went on, you might have noticed the responsibilities of home maintenance started to stack up and got in the way of exploring your passions. This experience is part of the reason why so many older adults are moving to an independent living community sooner rather than later. 

Even if you’ve looked into independent living communities before, the prospect of making a lifestyle transition can be intimidating. After all, you want to make sure you’re ready for the new lifestyle that independent living will offer your retirement. Join us as we look at five signs that indicate you’re ready to make the move to an independent living community. 

When to Move Into Independent Living

1. You’re Tired of Home Maintenance. 

There’s no question owning your home is a wonderful experience, but the privilege comes with a lot of work. From making sure your yard has everything it needs to flourish to fixing leaky sinks and having to worry about cleaning your gutters, it’s natural to get tired of all the upkeep. Plus, there are usually added costs like homeowners association fees and taxes that come along with owning a home. 

At an independent living community, you won’t have to deal with any household chores and home maintenance. You’ll find you suddenly have more time to explore your passions in a community that celebrates your independence. 

2. You Want to Pursue Lifelong Learning. 

Is there a topic or skill like woodworking you’ve always wanted to learn more about but didn’t have the time to look into? Moving to an independent living community can give you the freedom to explore your passions. Many communities also offer classes and activities to help you learn more about your interests or discover a new one. If you like to engage your mind, the move to an independent living community is worth consideration. 

3. You’re Ready to Expand Your Social Horizons. 

Living on your own in retirement can get a little lonely at times. As we get older, it’s common for friends to move to be closer to their families. You know having friends can enhance your quality of life, but making new ones in retirement can be a little challenging. Social engagement is one of the most popular reasons why older adults are moving to independent living communities. 

One of the best aspects of the retirement lifestyle at independent living is being surrounded by like-minded people who share your interests. Making friends at a community is as easy as going to a couple of activities or events. 

4. You Want More Convenience. 

Think about how nice it would be if you could take a trip without having to worry about your home. When you live in an independent living community, you’ll have a wide variety of services and amenities to add more convenience into your lifestyle. If you need a haircut or feel like working out, it’s only a short walk away. Think of an independent living community as an all-inclusive resort where almost everything you need is located right on campus. Independent living communities also have 24/7 security to give you added peace of mind about the safety of your home. 

5. You’re Done with Household Chores. 

When you retire, basic daily chores like laundry, cooking your meals, and cleaning your home take up a lot of your time. However, what if all these chores could be handled by an expert staff? At independent living communities like Garden Plaza of Florissant, an expert staff will handle daily chores and even provide delicious and nutritious meals for you to enjoy. Think about how much extra time you’ll have each day when you don’t have to worry about cleaning or going grocery shopping. 

Discover Premier Independent Living in Florissant, MO 

At Garden Plaza of Florissant, our independent living services provide residents the freedom to live life on their own terms. We have a wide variety of amenities, events and activities that can help you reach a higher level of physical, mental and social wellness. You can learn more about the benefits of an independent lifestyle at Garden Plaza of Florissant by contacting us today.