A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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How to Sell a House Quickly for More Value

A senior man and his daughter stand outside his house for sale.

How to Sell a House Quickly for More Value

November 30th, 2020

Selling your home comes with many emotions and plenty of stress — even more-so when it’s your parents’ home. You may just want to sell the home at the first offer to take the pressure off. However, there are steps you can take to add value to their house and get it off the market quickly, giving your parents a way to help fund their retirement at a senior living community.

Garden Plaza of Florissant has put together a list of these tips to help you with selling the home quickly and for greater value.

How to Add Value to a Home So Your Parents Can Enjoy Senior Living

  1. Don’t be your own realtor. You may be tempted to sell the house on your own, so you don’t have to pay any realtor fees. However, realtors have access to many different opportunities that the public doesn’t. They also know far more about the local market and how to negotiate for better terms. And, while you’re helping your parents with their move into senior living, your realtor can take care of all the paperwork and filings for the house, which means less for you to worry about.
  2. Declutter the house as much as possible. When selling a home, you want the potential buyers to view it as a place they can see themselves. That means getting rid of as much of the clutter and personal touches as possible. If your parents have already moved into senior living, this should be less of an issue, as many items have already gone with them. If not, consider investing in a storage unit until you can sort through all the memories and decide what’s going with them and what should be donated or thrown away.
  3. Make updates and repairs. Many elderly homeowners have a difficult time keeping up with home repairs and updates. Before you place your parents’ home on the market, check to see if anything is out of date or faulty, such as the water heater or plumbing. It may be a costly expense now, but it can help you get a better value for the home.
  4. Give the house a face lift. Small improvements to the home can add more value than what you spend. Paint the walls with a neutral color, add molding around the ceiling and touch up the landscaping. You’ll be surprised how those small touches can invite more potential buyers and allow you to ask for a higher price point.
  5. Light up the rooms. Most buyers want rooms to be well-lit. If you notice that some of the rooms in the home — specifically the ones a buyer will spend the most time in — remove any drapes, clean the windows and replace the lightbulbs.
  6. Don’t over-do the upgrades. You may be tempted to make upgrades to the entire home: new cabinets, new flooring, bathtub replacements and more. Unfortunately, many of these projects can take more money out of your pocket than it puts in. Instead of replacing the shower or tub, try re-grouting the tiles or recalking the tub. Rather than adding new windows, give them a deep clean and wash the curtains. Even replacing hardware like door handles can make a door feel brand-new without having to refinish or replace it.
  7. Be realistic when it comes to the listing price. It’s likely that the house you’re helping your parents sell is your childhood home, and that comes with many attached memories. You’ll likely view it as having more value than it does from a market standpoint. Trust your realtor with any pricing suggestions they may have.

Your Parents Can Enjoy Their Golden Years with Garden Plaza in Florissant, MO

At Garden Plaza of Florissant, your parents won’t have time to miss their previous home. Our senior living community has a bounty of activities, events and amenities to keep them happily busy. They can take a relaxing trip to the hair salon, get lost in numerous books in the library, enjoy an icy treat at the ice cream parlor, participate in countless social and education programs and so much more! And because we offer a variety of lifestyle options including memory care and assisted living, your loved one won’t have to leave their new home when their needs change.

Contact us today to see how your parents can enjoy a vibrant, independent lifestyle with Garden Plaza.