A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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Senior Downsizing: Knowing When Your Parents Should Downsize

A senior couple shaking hands with their realtor as they choose to downsize.

Senior Downsizing: Knowing When Your Parents Should Downsize

September 30th, 2020

Letting go of their home will never be easy for your parents. After all, it’s where they raised their family and built memories like Christmas mornings with their children, bike riding in the driveway and special moments with their grandchildren. While they have cherished remembrances in their home, there will come a time when it’s no longer the right place for them to live.

But how do you know when that time is? As your parents age, it’s important to recognize the signs that it’s time for them to downsize.

4 Signs that Your Parents are Ready to Downsize

  1. Home maintenance struggles. Have you noticed your father struggling to mow the lawn? Maybe your mom is spending too much time cleaning the same rooms over and over. As we continue to age, home maintenance and housekeeping can become time consuming and even dangerous. If you notice them struggling or they begin to voice their concerns, downsizing may be the answer.
  2. Financial concerns. With rising utility costs, you may notice your parents commenting more frequently about their energy expenses. This can be a downsizing sign. If they don’t typically comment on finances, you may want to consider asking them how they feel about their current expenses. Selling their house and moving somewhere with less maintenance like a senior living community may be the best solution.
  3. Changes in health and mobility. Slowing down comes with age. That often means that tasks will take more time to complete or become a little more of a challenge. When mobility changes, living in a multi-story home may no longer suit your parents’ needs. Downsizing to an apartment or senior living community can provide the right solution to a one-level home and solve any future mobility complications.
  4. Needing a simpler routine or more fun. In their youth, it was much easier for your parents to have a full daily routine: laundry, preparing three meals, yardwork, housekeeping and keeping up with the things they enjoyed. But as time goes on, energy becomes more of a finite resource. You may notice that they’re missing out on things they used to love to do, just so they can keep up with maintaining their home. If too much housekeeping or home maintenance is the issue, many senior living communities offer a maintenance-free lifestyle so your parents can keep doing what they love.

Helping Parents Downsize with Garden Plaza

At Garden Plaza of Florissant, you’re choosing a community that both encourages community interaction and provides the maintenance-free lifestyle you desire. Your parents will now have all the free time they deserve to participate in the things that bring them joy. They can take part in a variety of activities like live music events, parties, wellness activities and outings to local attractions. If their safety is your primary concern, you can rest easy knowing that our 24-hour security response system is monitored closely by our staff. This means your parents will be able to do more of what they love safely and without you having to worry about their safety.

If you’d like to learn more about what Garden Plaza of Florissant has to offer, contact us today!