A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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Studio Apartments: How to Live Big in a Smaller Space

Studio Apartments: How to Live Big in a Smaller Space

July 15th, 2021

If you’re currently living in or have downsized to a studio apartment, a unique challenge comes along with the transition. A studio apartment means you have to find a way to break up one universal space into a bedroom, living room, kitchen and more, all without adding too much clutter. It’s a delicate balance that may cause you to feel a little overwhelmed. The good news is we’re here to share tips on how to decorate a studio apartment. 

5 Tips for Effectively Decorating a Studio Apartment 

1. Separate Your Space. 

One of the best studio apartment ideas for decorating is based on breaking up your space. To start, look for a spot in your apartment that could use a natural divider, such as the area between your bed and living room furniture. If you don’t mind having a more open concept, you can try putting in a screen that will act as a wall breaking up your space. The screened panels are perfect for giving you the separation you need without blocking out the light. 

2. Craft a Mini-Mud Room. 

Even when you’re downsizing to a studio apartment, you need a useful area where you enter and exit your home. All it takes is a corner by the main door of your studio apartment. By hanging up a mirror, accessorizing with a stylish umbrella holder, adding a chair for a nice accent, and installing a few hooks for your keys, your mini-mud room will be complete. 

3. Make the Most of Every Space. 

A cornerstone of small-space design is capitalizing on any architectural quirks of your studio apartment. For example, maybe you have a large windowsill in your space. With a fitted cushion and some pillows, you could transform that windowsill into a peaceful reading nook. Another benefit of reworking these small spaces is that it gives you more opportunities to make your home feel less cluttered. Going back to the example above, having a new reading nook might let you trade in your couch for a smaller one, which opens up a variety of new studio apartment ideas. 

4. Hide Your Bed. 

Your bed takes up the most space when you downsize to a studio apartment. If you’re feeling like your home is a bit too cramped, you can try to make your bed retractable. Many people use a solid wooden platform and put their bed on a track underneath it. That way, when you get up every morning, you can push your bed back into the platform, freeing up plenty of space for the rest of your activities during the day. This DIY project is also perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones as you work together to build this useful piece of furniture. 

5. Add Height to Your Home with Curtains. 

An established idea in interior design says high ceilings make a room or living space feel more open. If you’re wondering how to decorate your studio apartment, you can take advantage of this trend by putting in some curtains. By installing curtains high on your apartment walls, you can create an illusion of making your home feel more spacious. Since the curtains naturally draw the eye upward, it puts less focus on any cramped areas. 

If you’re looking for a lifestyle that can match the vibrance of your updated studio apartment, Garden Plaza of Florissant can help. 

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