A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
A senior couple reads the newspaper together.
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Why Move to a Senior Living Community in 2021

A happy senior couple enjoying the fresh air and nice weather.

Why Move to a Senior Living Community in 2021

January 4th, 2021

At the end of every year, we all reflect on the past 12 months, what we’ve accomplished and what we’d like to achieve in the forthcoming year. Traditionally, this means creating goals in the form of new year’s resolutions. Perhaps last year you resolved to exercise more, eat better or pick up a new hobby. But as you likely found out, even good intentions are difficult to follow through on. If you want something you can succeed at, you need a promise that will make following through easy and enjoyable. That’s why you should make moving to a senior living community your new year’s resolution.

Why Live in a Senior Living Community

A senior living community is the best way to make sure you stay happy, healthy and safe in the upcoming new year. Below are some of the benefits communities like Garden Plaza offer.

  1. Increased activity and exercise. When you live on your own or with your children, you’re typically required to seek out places to get physical exercise on your own. When you live in a senior living community, on the other hand, every activity you can possibly want is at your immediate disposal. At Garden Plaza, we offer daily exercise classes, as well as, a multitude of social activities and brain games to keep you well on every level.
  2. Develop social bonds. The relationships you have with others can give you a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. When you live in a home or apartment on your own, it can become easy to distance yourself from others, especially if you have limited mobility. One study has shown that social ties are a necessary part of emotional wellness, which means growing and maintaining relationships is vital to your wellbeing. When you’re part of a senior living community, you have the opportunity to meet new friends who can help boost your mood and ward off the loneliness.
  3. Experience financial security. When you own a home, you have a strict budget for your mortgage, utilities, groceries, transportation and unexpected costs. But when you move to a senior living community, you no longer have to worry about any of that. All maintenance and utilities are taken care of by diligent and helpful staff members. Many of your meals are also prepared for you, so you have the freedom to do what you want and spend your money how you please.
  4. Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. Never worry about mowing the lawn, appliances breaking or shoveling snow again! Home maintenance can take hours every week, and it only seems to lengthen in time spent as we get older. Not only does it consume time you could be using for other things, but it could leave you susceptible to injuries. Living maintenance-free in a senior living community means living as you want and enjoying all that you love while never having to spend time on home maintenance.
  5. Experience greater fulfillment. According to a recent study, adults who live in life plan communities tend to feel like they have more meaning in life. When you aren’t spending your time on home repairs and yard maintenance, you can focus your attention on what brings you joy. As a resident of a senior living community like Garden Plaza, you can visit the places where you’ve always wanted to travel, take up a new hobby or just enjoy time with your loved ones.

See the Benefit of Moving to a Senior Living Community with Garden Plaza

If moving to Garden Plaza isn’t on your agenda for 2021, make it a new year’s resolution today! Nestled in the warm, friendly and thriving town of Florissant, MO, you’ll find Garden Plaza to be a community of caring individuals and a vibrant lifestyle. We offer services and amenities that allow you to live your best life — including housekeeping, apartment and grounds maintenance and nutritious meals every day. Here you’ll find the ability to live the life you’ve always dreamed of for your golden years.

If you’d like to know more about how life can be at Garden Plaza, contact our team today!