Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Happy senior woman enjoying mother's day with her daughter

Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

April 11th, 2022

Special occasions like Mother’s Day can pose logistical challenges when your parent is in a long-term care community. Even so, making it a priority to honor your mom on this special day lets her know she’s deeply loved and appreciated.

 You may need to consider new ways to celebrate Mother’s Day if your traditional gifts and activities are no longer practical. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day, so you can put your energy where it belongs: making memories with your mom.


10 Activities to Enjoy Along with Mom

Many moms would gladly forgo gifts, no matter how thoughtful, in favor of spending quality time together with their offspring. If you’re looking for new ways to make the day extra meaningful, try one of these activities to do with mom.  


Change of scenery: If your mom is up to it, make plans to venture outside the community to a favorite restaurant, do a little shopping, or visit a spa for some pampering and TLC.


Group video chat: When the family is scattered geographically, it’s practically impossible to gather everyone in one place. Instead, make it happen virtually using video chat so everyone can celebrate together.


Recorded messages: Coordinate with family members to record videos relaying memories, entertaining kid songs or dances, or other messages of affection. Send them to her smartphone or tablet so she can play them again and again.


Culinary experience: Gather the ingredients for a favorite meal or dessert from your childhood and get to work in the kitchen together, asking your mom to contribute as much as she’s able.


Game day: Get ready for some friendly competition and banter when you break out some board games, play a hand of cards, or start a new puzzle together.


Leisure time: Instead of planning an activity, plan nothing at all. Enjoy the chance to spend quality time together with no distractions and no demands, so you can simply focus on being together.


Get moving: Physical movement is good for your mom’s overall well-being, so arrange for a low-impact activity that will benefit you both, such as a senior-friendly fitness class or a walk around the community.


Learn something: Discovering a new skill or hobby is more fun when you share the experience with a loved one. You’ll leave a guided painting session or craft class with a handmade memento of the occasion.


Tackle to-do’s: If your mom has a list of little projects and tasks she’s been putting off, make time to tackle the list together. Find out ahead of time what supplies you’ll need and come ready to work.


Community event: Many senior living communities make special plans for holidays like Mother’s Day, so find out what’s happening in your mom’s community and how you can join the fun together.


10 Gifts for Moms Who Need Nothing

Chances are good, your mom doesn’t truly “need” much of anything. Between your attentive check-ins and her senior living community care team, all her true necessities are probably covered. But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t appreciate a token of affection on her special day. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that say, “Thanks, Mom, and I love you.”


  • Digital picture frame filled with images of her kid, grandkids and loved ones
  • Self-care basket with soothing scents and relaxation products
  • Homemade decorations to brighten up her apartment
  • Warming pillow that helps alleviate overnight aches and pains
  • Mobility helpers like a garden cart or an able tray
  • Games or puzzles that make it fun to keep her cognitive skills sharp
  • e-book reader with adjustable print size so she can keep up with favorite authors
  • Hobby kit filled with all the items she needs to learn a new activity, like knitting 
  • Photo book filled with pictures designed to trigger memories of special people and places
  • Framed message with your handwritten words expressing love and appreciation


Still Stuck? Extra Resources May Help

If you’re in doubt about what to give or need ideas for activities appropriate for celebrating Mother’s Day with your mom in senior living, you may be able to rely on insight from the care team that interacts with her every day. At Garden Plaza of Florissant, we focus on each resident as an individual, and we appreciate family members who see us as partners and collaborators in care. 

If that sounds like the quality of care you wish for your mom, contact us to learn more about our approach to long-term senior care, including assisted living and memory care.